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Apartments 1 and 2 are two ground-level duplexes,

featuring a spacious living room, kitchen and terrace on the raised ground floor. And in the basement, with ample daylight entry and a patio, bedrooms and study space.




Appartement 1 en 2.png

A p a r t e m e n t  1  e n  2 

B e l - e t a g e  e n  S o u t e r r a i n

The ground floor apartments 1 and 2 have two common floors.

Both have a terrace on the ground floor adjacent to the kitchen.

The first floor is a wonderfully large open space with living room, dining room and kitchen.

This layer is elevated compared to street level. The basement has two luxurious bathrooms and three spacious bedrooms with plenty of closet and storage space. The basement borders a patio.

Appartement 3,4 en 5.png

A p a r t e m e n t  3, 4  e n  5 

Ground floor

The single-storey apartments offer a large space in which the kitchen, dining and living room flow into each other. With large windows on three sides of the building, a lot of light comes in and there are beautiful views.


These homes have two spacious bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a room to use as a workplace. The long terrace is accessed through the kitchen or bedroom. These have a southern exposure. The elevator opens directly into the house. 



With roof terrace

The penthouse has windows on three sides and a balanced design with a large open space containing the kitchen, living room and dining area. The kitchen has a cooking island with a breakfast bar at the window. There are three spacious rooms, which can be used as a bedroom or office.


The penthouse has an ultimate roof terrace with 360 degree views, which is accessible by elevator. The roof terrace offers almost complete privacy due to the raised roof edge. A jacuzzi is optional. 

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